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Things to Consider When Buying a Marble Fireplace

Marble has been around for a long time and has been used to create decorative objects, statues and furniture over thousands of years. It is a material that stands the test of time due to being a solid stone and carves into even the most intricate designs, it is quite simply stunning to look at.
Marble was popular in Greek and Roman times and was used to produce their imposing and sizeable statues many of which are still around today. Marble is also heat resistant and as a result was (and still is) a popular choice for a fireplace. The size and impressive nature of a marble fireplace meant that people choosing this option back then could demonstrate their wealth and status.
In today’s market, a marble fireplace is still a desirable option but there are some things to take into consideration before choosing a marble fireplace which we will discuss here.

The Benefits of a Marble Fireplace

Choosing a marble fireplace can be a good option for any home although it is probably a good idea to ensure that you have a decent amount of space. A decorative marble surround and hearth may be larger than other fireplace types and so may not be the best option for a small space or if you are looking for a bijou feel.
Marble is however extremely stylish and adaptable meaning that you could use a marble fireplace in any type of home. Marble can be used for good effect in a period property but could also be equally beautiful when used in a contemporary space. Colour wise marble can complement most colour schemes well and could be a great alternative to dark wood if you are looking to maximise light. Whilst marble used to be a symbol of riches it is nowadays much more affordable and so it could be possible to find something suitable in marble for most budgets.
Buying a marble fireplace can mean selecting a simple, clean design or you could choose something highly decorative instead. Marble is highly versatile and can fit most design choices easily – another reason why marble is so sought after.
Cleaning a Marble Fireplace
For some people keeping a marble fireplace looking clean and fresh may be a concern. As much as marble is hardwearing and durable it can be somewhat porous which could make it more susceptible to staining. This may be an added consideration in homes where there is high traffic in close proximity to the fireplace or in homes where young children or animals reside.
With that said, however, there are ways of cleaning a marble fireplace which could mean with a little careful cleaning marble is a great choice all round.
There is lots of information out there on how best to clean marble but we’ve covered some of the basics here.

  • Only use a soft clean cloth to remove dust or debris from a marble fireplace.
  • For stains use only pure distilled water and a soft clean cloth to gently remove the mark. Normal tap water is full of impurities that could cause further staining.
  • Use water that is warm but not hot or boiling and a microfibre cloth for best results.
  • Use water sparingly and make sure the cloth isn’t dripping wet before attempting to clean stained areas.
  • After cleaning dry thoroughly with a fresh clean microfibre cloth to prevent spotting.
  • To prevent stains occurring – wipe up or address a stain as soon as it happens or is noticed as the longer it is left the worse it could be.
  • If water does not remove a stain then you may want to consider a specialist marble cleaning product but use cautiously and always test on an inconspicuous area first.
  • Avoid products like baking soda, limescale removers and white vinegar as they could be too abrasive for marble fireplaces.
  • Marble wax could improve or bring back shine on a fireplace – again testing in a small area first is recommended and only use specialist products. Check with your manufacturer for the most suitable.

Deciding on a Marble Fireplace
Making the decision to go for a marble fireplace is unlikely to be one you regret. The sophisticated nature of marble can be used to maximum effect in the home leaving you with a high quality, timeless piece that will wow your guests and heat your room in style.
Our range of superb marble fireplaces can be viewed here and we’re sure there’s something for everyone in the choices available.

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