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Timber made to measure Mantels from Castfireplaces

As a lot of our customers now know after quite a few blogs and it stating it on all our timber mantels we do offer a made to measure bespoke size service on the majority of our fireplace mantels and surrounds.
I’ve had an email over the weekend from a man who requires an oak lincoln mantel at a made to measure size but wants me to price match it to something similar he has seen on another website.
How can we price match something that is bespoke and made exactly to your measurements when you are trying to price compare it to a standard off the shelf item.
I tried to explain this to him when I rang him back but as this mantel was smaller than the standard one we keep in stock (which is cheaper than theirs anyway) I’m sure he didn’t grasp that made to measure items are always more expensive.
You can buy a suit from Marks and Sparks off the shelf and you can also have made to measure but a made to measure is never going to be the same or cheaper price.
But you’re making it anyway he replied why can’t you just make it smaller and you save some money on wood and I will get what I want.
After explaining we don’t just cut timber for one mantel at a time we always make ten minimum so we just set up the saws and cut a batch out ready and then use our jigs to clamp everything perfectly square and drill out all screw holes etc.
I wouldn’t have minded if it was just opening size difference but he wants to specify leg width and shelf thickness which is perfectly fine if you wish to pay the extra for it.
Anyway needless to say after trying to explain this which I can clearly say I’m not sure he understood it he didn’t order it he said ill measure up and have a think about it.
So I’m a little puzzled to say the least I’m sure I’m not going mad or is the sun clouding my normal judgement, still it makes me smile and has filled my blog of around 360 words lol

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