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Time to fit a multi-fuel stove

If you walked into a living room and saw a stove blazing away in the fireplace, you’d be hard pressed to say if it was wood burning or multi-fuel, but there are quite a few differences for the owner.
As the name would suggest, wood burning stoves can only take one fuel source which may be OK if you have access to a lot of wood, but that’s generally restricted to people who live in more rural locations.
Also, if you’re collecting your own wood, you get heated up twice – once when it’s burning and once when you’re collecting and chopping it, as it can be hard work. By contrast, using multi-fuel is a much simpler process that’s open to everyone.
Of course, you can still use wood if you have some, but you can also go to a shop and purchase coal, peat blocks or anthracite – the latter of which is much more efficient than wood when it comes to heat output too.
Find out more about multi-fuel stoves by browsing our substantial range at or by visiting our showroom.

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