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Touching up a scratch on Cast Iron Fireplace

So how do you touch up a small scratch on a cast iron fireplace its simple to scratch and can often be done on installation if you’re not careful.
Another thing customers ring about is when they have rubbed the cast iron fireplace too hard to remove marks and rub through the paint.
Do not worry though it’s quite simple to do and it’s not the end of the Earth what we use here at Castfireplaces is High Temp Matt Black Paint.
This is made by the Gallery Group which is the same brand as the fireplaces and using this brand of paint can give an almost invisible repair.
Just spray over the affected area from around 12″ to 18″ making sure you cover the scratch and surrounding area, it’s always a good idea to overspray it and a bit more of the fireplace covered so it’s not so obvious to the eye.
Using this method it will be very difficult to see where you have repaired the fireplace I know it sounds like I’m trying you to get you to buy our gallery brand of spray but this what they use in the factory and will be a better match than say hot spot paint.
If you are painting the whole of the fireplace it does not matter which brand you use as it works just as well.

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