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Using a Limestone Mantel with a Stove

Browsing through many fireplace brochures you will often see Stoves in lovely room set photos with them all complete burning away, these images are designed to give customers a view of what they could look like in your home.
Quite often they are pictured with a mantel and in particular a limestone mantel because at the moment limestone is the choice material to have a fire surround in.
What our customers do not always understand is the fact all limestone mantels have a rebate on them meaning they can’t simply be fitted to a flat wall around the opening of the fireplace without the use of some granite or slate slips or indeed our limestone closure strips.
The reason for this the inside legs are shorter by up to 75mm to allow for fitting of the cast iron fireplaces we sell and this needs to be taken into consideration when ordering a mantel for use around a stove.
One of the most effect ways is to have some slips cut matching the hearth material so you can then use them to match the perfect opening dimensions around the fire.
This is best shown in the photo below can you see the granite slips around the inner edge of the limestone mantel this is closing of the rebate to the desired opening size.
If you are unsure please contact us here at Castfireplaces we are here to help.

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