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What is a solid fuel kit for a fireplace

What is a solid fuel kit and why do I need it is a question we sometimes get asked at Castfireplaces and today I have been asked that so I have decided to explain fully what one is. When you buy an individual fireplace from our Fireplaces website you will be offered the choice of adding a solid fuel kit, gas insert or electric insert. You will need to choose one of these options as even for display use we recommend having a solid fuel kit as it makes the fireplace look more complete. Ok so what exactly is this item have a look at this two photographs
The one on the left shows a solid fuel kit for our arched fireplaces and the one on the right shows the solid fuel kit for our tiled fireplaces.
Both are very similar and contain the following items
Grate “This is the part of the fireplace that is either free standing or slots into the fireplace this is used to burn the fuel on and the slots in it are to allow the ashes to fall through (notice on the tiled one it also has a coal saver).
Ash pan” A simple shaped tray that is tapered to fit the fireplace and will collect all the ash that falls into it does need to be emptied to maintain airflow to the fireplace
Damper This item is only used for our arched or combination typed fireplaces and is a flap that opens and closes when fire is not in use so heat doesn’t escape up the chimney.
That’s all there is to this simple solid fuel kit we do sell these items as spares for customers who require replacements just view our Accessories and Care Products

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