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What makes the Firefox 5CB a Clean Burn Stove

The new DEFRA approved firefox 5cb (clean burn) stove really is a nice stove and for £375 an absolute bargain too anyway i thought i would let you into a little bit of technical info as to why it is a clean burn appliance.
The Firefox 5CB uses the down burn principle unlike conventional stoves where the flame path rises up to the baffle plate in the top of the stove,circulates around the baffle then out through the flue outlet.
The down burn stove has a throat at the bottom of the firebox.
Beehind the back back brick is a combustion chamber that has its own air supply,the flame passes up into the firebox then down into the throat, it then enters the combustion chamber where it is injected with pre heated air.
This causes a rise in temperature burning off smoke particles (hence the name clean burn) creating cleaner emissions. After entering the combustion chamber the hot gasses circulate around tjhe inner baffle and out round the flue outlet.
The secondary and tertiary air supplies create the clean burn function; htese air supplies are not adjustable.
The primary air supply controls the burn rate and there is a fixed primary air bleed on the door located above the primary air slide.
The Firefox 5CB Clean Burn Stove has been extensively tested and meets all the requirements necessary to burn wood in smoke controlled areas and is DEFRA approved.
If the appliance is installed,operated and regularly serviced correctly it will offer many years of reliable service.
To buy ones of these fantastic stoves just visit our stoves section and click on DEFRA approved there all in there.

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