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What Type Of Chimney Do I Have

Identifying what type of Fireplace chimney you have is not as daunting as it sounds the first thing to do for a good clue is to have a look at your roof and to see if you have a chimney stack you may then see one of the following views to confirm which type of chimney you have
This is what is described as a brick built Class 1 Chimney it’s very common in houses that were built before 1960 and all these were designed for use with solid fuel. Inside the chimney the flue will be greater than 7″ (180mm) which is the requirement for solid fuel or class1 gas use. Please make sure the chimney is in good condition and have it swept and smoke tested before use
This cowlings are often found to be fitted to the top of the chimney pots or just set on the chimney stack itself and is where the chimney has been lined with a 5″ or 7″ Gas liner you need to check the diameter of the flue pipe which will be in the opening of the chimney breast. They cannot be used for solid fuel and lining will need removing
Class 1 Gas Fire requires 7″ diameter Flue
Class 2 Gas Fire requires 5″ diameter Flue
Precast Flues are found in more modern fireplaces and have shallow depth openings we do have some fires to fit these such as the Aurora and convector precast fires the range is limited and they need to be fitted with fascia panel
No Chimney applications mean that only an electric fire or a powerflue if on an external can be used as there is no other natural means for the fumes to escape please ring us to discuss your options
As with all information supplied this is only a guide to finding out what type of chimney you have please consult us or your registered fitter to find out what will work in the chimney you have, you can always email us photos so we can advise you on the best option you have we are here to help you choose your perfect Fireplace.

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