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Why do i need to seal limestone Fireplaces Mantel

Good afternoon a little bit of advice for all customers with a limestone or natural stone fireplace and as to why you need to seal them after installation.
Here at Castfireplaces we sell both Agean Limestone and Portuguese Limestone fireplaces in the gallery range we offer.
Both of these are manufactured from100% natural stone and we do not use any man made materials in these products, and as such you will have flaws in them and even fossils it just natural in something years old.
So these products are very porour and as such will need sealing after or before fitting to ensure it looks good for years to come.
If you do spill anything on it prior to fitting we do offer a powerclean product but to be honest I’m not sure how good it is I have never tested it.
So down to sealing choose a product that does what is says on the tin i.e. slate sealer for slate and stone sealer for stone etc.
We use and sell a product called Lithofin which I can personally vouch for having used it on numerous surfaces including my slate floor at home and the limestone mantels in our showroom.
Just follow the instructions and in no time at all your chosen fireplace will be sealed and ready for the day to day things it will come into contact with.
If left unsealed anything spilt on the stove will be absorbed into it and you will find it almost impossible to remove.

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