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Wood Burning Stove Ideas


Warming, cosy and potentially cost reducing, wood burning stoves quickly win over hearts. In fact, a wood burning stove can be an incredible selling point for homes on the market.  In the UK, wood burning stoves have rapidly increased in popularity. More and more households are realising the benefit of wood burning stones. While cast iron log burning stoves have been popular since the 18th Century, there has been a rapid increase in installation in the last decade.
HETAS, the government-approved installer scheme says that demand for wood burning stoves has grown by 60% since 2008. It is also estimated to over 175,000 homes are installing a wood burner every single year. In fact, HETAS has seen the number of the registered installers grow with the demand too. From 791 approved installers in 2007 to 3,252 just seven years later and demand continues to grow.
Want to reap the benefits of a wood burning stove? This guide will help to inspire you with wood burning stove ideas and explain some of the most popular wood stoves on the market.

The benefits of wood burning stoves

If you are considering a wood burning stove, then there are plenty of benefits that you can achieve by making the change to a log burner in your home. For a start, log burners are incredibly cosy and add an instant wow factor to a home. There is nothing better than sitting around a real fire, watching the beautiful flames dance and the crackling sound as the wood breaks.
Another benefit of wood burning stoves is that they have a very effective heat output. Providing you choose the right size log burner for the size of the room you want to heat, you can ensure that your room has quick and effective heat at the right energy level for your home. If you need to find the right size stove for you, then make sure to use our stove calculator to make sure you save money on your heating bills and make your log burner as energy efficient as possible.
One of the main advantages of a wood burning stove is their energy efficiency. A log burner has an average 80% efficiency rate (compared to 20% of an open fire) and can cut your heating bills dramatically. By choosing reclaimed wood as your fuel source, you can save a great deal of money. Wood is also considerably cheaper as a fuel source compared to electricity, gas and oil.
With its energy efficiency and money saving credentials, it is no surprise that log burners are increasing in popularity, but how can you find the right wood burning stove for you?

Log burner ideas and considerations

One of the benefits of log burners is that they can be used in almost any room in the house and some are even powerful enough to heat whole floors. The only consideration is that the fumes and gases need be drawn away from the log burner by using a flue or chimney. However, recent innovations have made it much easier to install a flue into your home. Once you have a flue or chimney installed, you can start to assess the best wood burning stove ideas for your home.

Smoke Control Area

If you live in a Smoke Control Area, you can still enjoy the benefits of a log burner. For cities registered as Smoke Control Area, then you can still have a wood burning stove. However, this needs to be a DEFRA-approved stove. At Cast Fireplaces, we offer a range of DEFRA-approved stoves. You also need to make sure you use the wood on the DEFRA exemption list, but this is usually correctly seasoned wood.


One of the key considerations when choosing your perfect log burner is the size of the stove. It is essential to make sure that the energy output of the stove matches the space you want to heat. If your energy output is too low, then you will not feel the full advantage of the stove, and it will be inefficient to keep running. If you choose a stove that is too large for the size of the space you want to heat, then you will waste energy.
The best way to find the right size stove when considering wood burning stove ideas is to use our handy stove calculator. Simply measure the size of the space that you want to heat and the current level of insulation, input the figures into the calculator and you can find the right size stove for your needs.


Of course, style is an important consideration when browsing for log burner ideas. While all log burners create a beautifully warm, relaxing and cosy glow, you need to make sure that you find the right stove to suit your décor and home. You may opt for a traditional log burning stove set with black cast iron and decorative farmhouse features. You can also find more contemporary styles which feature large glass doors and chrome or metal finished. Whether you prefer sharp, clean lines or smooth curves and details, you can find a range of stylish stoves to suit your home and your personal fashion tastes.

Popular wood stoves

While there is lots of choice on the market, there are several key brands that are incredibly popular for their wood stoves. For example, Carron Stoves offer a range of different colours, including neutral and cream tones which add a whole new dimension to wood-burning stoves. While their style is simple, their colour choices are unique and make log burners much more versatile.
If you prefer a more modern and contemporary feel, then Saltfire Stoves are a popular choice as they focus on smooth, sleek curves and subtle, stylish features. In contrast, Villager Stoves are much more traditional and focus on being a ‘timeless classic’ for you to welcome into your home.  In terms of meeting the needs of the customers, Wooly Mammoth conduct extensive consumer research in the UK to ensure their style of stoves is precisely what the customer wants.

Find the right stove for you

If you want further inspiration before deciding on the right wood burning stove for your home, then browse our collection of stoves here.

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