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Wood Fireplace Ideas

Having a wooden fireplace can give an elegant finish to any room in the house. Regardless of the style of décor a wooden fireplace can complement any roomset making it a very versatile choice when choosing a wood fireplace for the home. A wooden finish can often be the timeless effect that really highlights all the other areas of a room making it the perfect addition to provide warmth and accentuate other features.
A wooden fireplace can fit a contemporary style or it could give a more traditional feel to a room depending on how it is structured and the type of wood and finish. A wood fireplace can even be stained or painted to suit the look and feel of a home or to match a particular decoration in your room set up.
The flexibility of a wood finish means that is can be adapted too. Changing your room décor at a later date doesn’t mean having to change your fireplace as you could just alter the colour of the fireplace to update or strip back a room.
A wood fireplace doesn’t mean having a one size fits all either as they can be made to measure to suit any room giving it a handmade, customised finish. Having a wooden fireplace can mean having a completely unique one off piece all of which can be skilfully manufactured by us as wooden fireplace specialists.

Types of Wooden Fireplaces

If you are looking for wooden fireplace ideas then working with a bespoke manufacturer could help you determine the look you are going for.
An oak fireplace may be a stunning choice for your solid wooden mantel. It can be beautifully crafted to create a completely natural effect in your home and further highlighted by a high quality cast iron fireplace.
Pine can be used to give another wood alternative for your home giving a clean and fresh finish to any mantel surround. Having a wooden fireplace can also mean you can achieve an exciting look without huge expense. Wood fireplace options tend to be more cost effective and yet equally as impressive as other fireplace materials.

Finding a Wood Fireplace

Choosing a wooden fireplace can be made easier by browsing through our range of options available. We have various options from the clean lines created by our Jubilee and Oak Lincoln Fireplace to the more decorative style of our Lytton and Oak Large Corbel Wooden Fireplace. We also have a whole host of other choices, colours and finishes to inspire your wooden fireplace ideas.
To get a complete picture of all our wooden fireplace options, view our full range. Here you will find all the choices available along with a guide about each one. Alternatively, you can contact us about our bespoke options if you prefer something that is completely one of a kind. We look forward to helping you select the wood fireplace for your home and as with all our products we provide excellent quality fireplaces that will last for many many years to come.

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