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Wooden Mantel Maintenance

Over time you will need to keep the lovely patina of your new Timber surround in the condition that it arrived. This is not a hard thing to do and would recommend waxing once a year just to keep on top of it.
The wooden fireplace you have bought has been stained and hand waxed to achieve the finish it has, it’s a painstaking process but we think we have the colours just right now.
First off we sand the timber to a finish that’s ready to stain then apply a water based stain made from Van Dyke Crystals (Our own secret recipe even more secret than Heinz 57) after two coats have stain have been applied and flattened off using 0000 steel wool.
We then leave to dry thoroughly normally about 2 hours and then apply the wax; we use Morrels wax, which is a fine quality wax very similar to Briwax med Brown. The wax we use gives a more even finish and buffs up very easily.
We apply the wax with a paintbrush then wipe away any brush marks its then left 15 minutes to dry and then buffed by hand with a polishing brush and then finally a lint free cloth.
This is the process from the start so it will help you if you get any marks on your surround just follow this process to get your Pine mantel looking as good as new

For the Oak Mantels we supply we finish them in a different way the Oak Lincoln is a good example of one of the surrounds finished in a Teak oil.
 It is very simple to apply and each wooden mantel has 2-3 coats applied and is rubbed down in between each coat so the next one takes.
As the oil is water resistant there should be very little maintenance to the oak surround, in general use we would recommend just keeping it clean and dry if you do get any marks on it the easiest thing to do is to rub the area down back to the bare timber and apply 2 coats of Teak oil and hey presto an unseen repair.

As always if you need any help we are real people with loads of free advice just Contact Us

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