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Bedroom Fireplaces

Bedroom fireplaces are typically a combination fireplace with a shelf width between 30-36 inches, designed to be compact with an integrated shelf they form a fantastic feature for any bedroom.Being made from cast iron also means that they can carry a number of intricate details that make these bedroom fireplaces really resemble the Victorian and Edwardian periods, with patterns that include flowers and other natural elements.

Most houses of Victorian and Edwardian eras will have a chimney breast in the bedroom and quite often if you lift the carpets you will find original tiles set into the floor where the fireplace would have sat.

Our range of bedroom fireplaces are sold without a hearth as I think it’s better to sit them on some flat tiles or level with the floorboards so you are not tripping over a hearth, if of course you do require a fireplace package take a look in our Cast Iron Fireplace packages you will find them all in there.
Take a look at the amazing Daisy Fireplace in my opinion the ideal choice in any bedroom it is perfect in every way

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