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Chilmark Micro Marble Fireplace Suite SOLD


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The stylish Chilmark micro marble fireplace suite is part of the Langley Collection from Castfireplaces and is available in a stunning finish Alpine White for a cool and crisp finish

The micro marble offers the stunning design elements of pure marble but ensures a beautiful colour shade and an even tone, with no unsightly blemishes, veins or damage which can occur in the natural stone.

Micro marble is fortified with resin, which makes it strong and durable and makes sure that the colour will never tarnish, so you have a long-lasting fireplace at a much cheaper cost than natural marble.

The Chilmark micro marble fireplace is in only 4 pieces making it simple and easy to install. It also comes complete with a sectioned and rebonded panel for gas and electric fires so you can add it to your existing fire output with ease.

Effortlessly stylish and sophisticated the Chilmark design has a subtle arch that draws attention to its simplicity and makes the fire the focal point in the room. Its versatility means it can suit a range of room styles and is no surprise that this is a real favourite with customers looking for an elegant micro marble fireplace feature.

The Chilmark fireplace also comes with optional LED lighting so that you can add greater focus to the colour and texture of the micro marble stone. It provides more emphasis to a beautiful fireplace and makes it a centrepiece attraction, offering light from subtle and discreet LED lighting even when the fire isn’t on.

Alpine White Micro Marble
Optional LED Lighting Kit £45

Fires and Frets

Fireplace Suites are supplied on their own, but we do offer the Gallery range of fires from Electric to Convector Gas, which are designed perfectly to suit and fit this fireplace option.


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