Portuguese Limestone Suites

Known for its superior quality and beauty, Portuguese limestone is the material of choice for many interior designers. At Cast Fireplaces, we offer a range of stunning Portuguese limestone suites to provide a beautiful design feature for your home. We use 100% solid stone for range, for a classic finish that is versatile for a wide range of décor and design trends.

Ideal for both gas and electric fires, Portuguese limestone suites can create an excellent focal point for any room. With clean lines and a light, natural stone colour, detailed with grey veins that is typical of the Portuguese stone, the simple, chic finish of the fireplaces suits both traditional and modern interior designs. At Cast Fireplaces, we offer a range of carving styles from classic straight, clean edging, smooth arches and intricate details so that you can choose the desired look for your home. Its cool, quality appearance gives the Portuguese limestone suites a timeless style.

Why choose a Portuguese limestone fireplace suite?

Cool to the touch and stunning in its simplicity, Portuguese limestone looks wonderful in the daytime providing an exquisite European style with natural elegance and transforms into a cosy, warm environment as soon as the fire is switched on.

The cream colour of the Portuguese stone makes it ideal for all home colour trends, and its neutral tones are perfect for a contemporary finish creating a sense of space, calm and tranquillity in the home. It is, in fact, the consistency in colour and beautiful cream palette which makes Portuguese limestone so desirable and a must-have for designers.

As with all-natural stone fireplaces, when you choose a Portuguese limestone fireplace suite, you will receive a solid stone surround that will feature unique markings and colourings which characterise a completely natural stone. No two fireplaces are the same, and yours will have its own character, markings and unique quality which is the beauty of choosing a natural, real stone product.

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