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Open Fireplaces

An open fireplace is a fire designed to be used with solid fuel, this type of fireplace typically burns wood, house coal or in most cases smokeless coal.

Simple in design features they have a grate to burn the fuel on and an ashpan to catch the ash underneath. We offer simple designs from granite panels to the more decorative arched and tiled fireplaces we feature on our website

Very popular with our customers is the range of fire baskets the simplest and cheapest way to enjoy the real heat from an open fireplace you just need to sit the fire basket in the opening add the fuel and sit back and enjoy the flames.
As your fire will require a working flue we strongly suggest having your chimney swept and tested before fitting any fireplace its essential it draws correctly to take away the fumes.

So browse our range of open fireplaces and see what Castfireplaces can offer you.

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