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Arada Stoves

The Arada range of stoves are manufactured in Axminster, Devon by their own craftsmen. Each stove bears all the hallmarks of being designed and built in the UK. Offered in a variety of wood burning and multi fuel versions.

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Arada are the UK’s number 1 manufacturer and have been making stoves since 1979. Aarrow and Villager have now been branded under the single Arada name and split into 3 new design names, Contemporary Living, Timeless Classics and Hardworking Heating.

With stoves to suit a modern and traditional lifestyle, choosing could not be simpler by browsing the categories on offer. Now available in a wide range of colour options, having a stove to suit your home décor is now easy and available. No need to compromise.

These stoves truly embody what it means to be British made. They are extremely high quality as the manufacturer have such high standards. Nothing leaves the factory without the most rigorous care and attention. Come and take a look at them in our Heanor showroom to appreciate the build quality.

Note: Aarrow and Villager stoves and stove ranges are now Arada Stoves along with Hamlet Stoves also being manufactured by them.

Arada Stoves Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Aarrow and Villager stoves?

These names were rebranded under the Arada name in 2015 and this now features the Level entry Hamlet Range.

Are Arada stoves really British made?

They are made in Axminster, Devon.

Arada proudly say:

“Each Arada stove starts life in the hands of our craftsmen. Raw steel is crafted with precision. Exacting joins are welded at 1500°C. Sparks fly as surfaces are perfected.”

“Your stove emerges, bearing all the hallmarks of being designed, engineered and built in Britain by people who take pride in a job well done.”

Do you have deals on Arada stoves?

At our showroom for collection we have an extra 10% of our website prices this we find encourages customers to shop locally.

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