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Tiger stoves

Tiger Stoves and in particular the Tiger Classic is the first multi fuel stove we ever sold here at Castfireplaces and over the years we have sold 1000s of them and they have never let us down or had any customers have problems with them.

The reason for this is the quality of the build made from Cast iron they are robust and are designed for a hard working life; another good feature is the size of the viewing window it gives a large view of the flames which all adds to it being a great stove.
Simple to use and control they take a log size of around 14″ and are operated by a simple slide to control the burn of the Tiger Stove.
To enhance your stove they are available with Americana Cooktops and Logstores.
We also have the Tiger inset stove new to our range and DEFRA approved its sure to be a favourite with customers installing into existing standard fireplace openings.

We have the same model for use with Multi Fuel – Gas and a DEFRA approved version for those of you living in smoke exempt zones it’s all made from the same one piece casting body with a few alterations for each model. Tested to CE standards for sale in the UK DEFRA approval has been obtained for the clean burn version and offers a good sizes stove with a 5KW output meaning no room vent is required making that model are bestselling DEFRA stove.

View the models below and see what we can offer you and having one of these stoves for over 8 years I know a Tiger Stove is a choice you will not regret.

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