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EcoDesign SiA Stoves

Woodstoves are to be banned screams the headlines in the paper this really is not true

By 2022, new efficiency and emission limits will be introduced to manufacturers of stoves. SIA, or the Stove Industry Alliance initiative are committed to meeting the set out requirements and have produced a new EcoDesign Ready Stove label to inform our customers which of our stoves comply to these new standards.

Stove manufacturers have risen to the challenges of Ecodesign and are already producing stoves that meet and exceed the new 2022 criteria.

Lower Particle Emissions
Lower CO Emissions
Higher Efficiencies
Improved Fuel Standards and Sustainability

In its Clean Air Strategy Defra recognises that all wood burning is not the same and that reductions in particulate emissions, (PM), can be achieved through the installation of Ecodesign Ready stoves burning Ready to Burn logs.

Both Defra and the Mayor of London are backing the installation of SIA Ecodesign Ready stoves to reduce emissions from wood burning so you can be sure buying this type of stove you can burn wood in your new stove without any further complication
The label is placed on our stoves which pass these regulations and can be found below.

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