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Chimney Flue Liner Kit 904 Grade Complete Kit


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We stock the best available Dura Flue it has a 30 year warranty and nothing comes close in quality.

The Chimney lining kit is used where chimneys are in poor condition and may leak smoke into the property.
A lot of large glass door stoves and in particular SiA approved stoves work better on a 6″ liner i would suggest using this to avoid smoke drawback into your room.
When using a stove with 5″ flue pipe outlet order a 6″ liner and a 5″ to 6″ adapter to connect the two.

For burning smokeless coal on a prolonged burn it is essential to order 904 grade
This kit is designed for houses of normal height with chimney pot on the roof.

Kit comes complete with

10 Metres 904 grade stainless steel flue liner 5″ or 6″
Adapter to connect Vitreous Flue to Flexible liner choose size depending on flue size and liner size
Suspended Pot Hanging cowl with Mesh Guard


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