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FDC 5 Charcoal Slate Chamber Stove Suite


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The FDC 5 Stove is a great stove fitted with Charcoal slate chamber sat upon a simple granite hearth and dark oak geocast beam, minimal look matched with the beauty of natural stone with the FDC 5 as the main focal point enjoy the flickering flames and heat this offers.

Stove Package What is Included

FDC 5 Stove or FDC5 Wide Stove (5 year warranty)
Charcoal Slate Chamber
48″ x 18″ Granite Hearth (3 Piece for Solid Fuel)
36″ x 18″ Granite Sub Hearth (2 x sections 20mm thick)
48″ Light Oak – Dark Oak Geocast Beam
500mm Flue Pipe
Register Plate
Carbon Monoxide Alarm
All are Complete Stove Packages with no Hidden Extras


FDC 5 Stove                FDC 5 Wide Stove

Width – 405mm            Width 490mm
Depth – 340mm            Depth 295mm
Height – 525mm           Height 585mm


Front Hearth – 48″ x 18″ Slabbed for solid fuel use 50mm High
Inner Hearth – 36″ x 18″ Two sections 18 ” x 18 ” 20mm thick


Charcoal Slate Chamber Back 1015mm x 1000mm Sides 450mm x 1000mm


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