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Limestone Fireplaces

Our Limestone fireplaces are naturally beautiful, and carefully handcrafted making them the perfect focal point for your home. With unbeatable style and remarkable natural aesthetics, our exclusive collection of limestone fireplaces are comprised of 100% natural limestone of the highest quality.

The solid natural stone is an incredible design feature in itself. A limestone fireplace suite will add seamless style to any room complementing all manner of interior design and décor. With a variety of beautiful styles in our esteemed collection from smooth, sculpted arches to intricate tiled detail, you can be sure to find the perfect limestone fireplace to suit your home.

At Cast Fireplace, our range is handpicked to ensure we have only the highest quality stone for our fireplaces and mantels. From smooth, sleek contemporary designs to meticulous detail and carvings you can be sure to find the perfect limestone fireplace.

Why choose a Portuguese limestone fireplace suite?

Cool to the touch and stunning in its simplicity, Portuguese limestone looks wonderful in the daytime providing an exquisite European style with natural elegance and transforms into a cosy, warm environment as soon as the fire is switched on.

The cream colour of the Portuguese stone makes it ideal for all home colour trends, and its neutral tones are perfect for a contemporary finish creating a sense of space, calm and tranquillity in the home. It is, in fact, the consistency in colour and beautiful cream palette which makes Portuguese limestone so desirable and a must-have for designers.

As with all-natural stone fireplaces, when you choose a Portuguese limestone fireplace suite, you will receive a solid stone surround that will feature unique markings and colourings which characterise a completely natural stone. No two fireplaces are the same, and yours will have its own character, markings and unique quality which is the beauty of choosing a natural, real stone product.

What Is Agean Limestone?

Sourced from the Mediterranean, Agean limestone is well known for being the highest quality limestone. To maintain its natural beauty, all of our Agean limestone fireplaces are made from 100% natural stone. As the stone is entirely natural, each fireplace is unique, with its own markings and flecking. This means that every fireplace is individual, no two are the same. Its uniqueness implies the limestone will have markings and flecking, but these are all part of the beauty of entirely natural, unspoilt stone.

When you buy a limestone fireplace, you will receive a versatile off-white fireplace and mantel complete with unique markings. The solid structure means your fireplace will continue to provide style and quality year after year.

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