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Limestone Fireplaces

Limestone Fireplaces make the perfect addition to any home. We are proud to offer a huge range of naturally beautiful limestone fireplaces which have been carefully selected and look incredible in all house types from townhouse to cottage.

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A family run business with plenty of knowledge and experience, we strive to ensure our customers get exactly what they want with honest and impartial advice if needed. We know that limestone fireplaces are an incredible feature in any home and offer a number of styles in our collection – these include smooth arches to tiles. Whether you are looking for something traditional or you are more of a modern limestone fireplace fan, our collection will hold the answer.

Cast Fireplaces stock a wide range of limestone fireplaces including Agean and Portuguese limestone fireplaces. We ensure all of our designs use the highest quality stone and our customers will be able to find the best limestone fireplace for their home. We strive for complete customer satisfaction at Cast Fireplaces and have plenty of experienced and knowledgeable staff who will be happy to help you find the right limestone fireplace for your home. Our honest advice on which fireplace is best suited to your home will help you to choose something that fits perfectly with the décor of your home.

Limestone Fireplaces Frequently Asked Questions

Does limestone hold heat?

Yes, limestone does hold heat. Natural stone not only stores heat but it absorbs and radiates it too. This means your fireplace and your home remain efficient as the heat will flow back into the air around you.
Limestone is a fantastic material for absorbing heat which is why it makes such a fantastic choice. There is no possibility of losing any heat and it can even store the heat whilst releasing it slowly over time which helps to keep the cold out.

How to clean a limestone fireplace.

Limestone fireplaces look great but due to the colour and how porous the stone is, they require plenty of cleaning.

You should be giving it a quick clean up every time that you use it, removing any dust, dirt, and debris. You can dust with a dry or wet cloth before sweeping with a soft brush and then hoovering using a brush adapter.

However it doesn’t hurt to be more thorough on occasion to remove any stains or marks. Use the same equipment you would use for a quick clean, sweeping any dust or debris away before wiping down the hearth with mild washing up liquid that has been extremely diluted with water. Wipe it down afterwards with clean warm water and remove any soapy residue before gently wiping or patting it down with a dry cloth – you want to get the limestone as dry as possible.

If you are using just once or twice a week in winter, a thorough clean should be done every two weeks to a month whereas it should be done weekly if using it more often. You should also clean it thoroughly once a month during the summer period to avoid marks and stains, however you should clean it more often if you feel it needs it.

How to seal a limestone fireplace.

Whilst they look great, it is important to make sure your limestone fireplace is properly sealed so you avoid it becoming darkened with soot or smoke. Limestone is a porous material which means it is more susceptible to dirt and dust which, in turn, will make your fireplace look less attractive. A few simple steps will help you to avoid this.

Before sealing, clean the area of any dust and debris to avoid sealing any in using a brush or a damp cloth. Then, using an appropriate stone sealing product, apply it liberally with either a paintbrush or a rag. Make sure the sealer is totally dry before putting anything back on it and ensure your room is well ventilated.

The sealant will help to protect your fireplace from the dust and dirt and will keep it looking as good as it did the day you had it installed.

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