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Marble Fireplaces

Marble fireplaces make a great focal point in any home – not only do they look great but they are also made of the highest quality material. If you are looking for something sophisticated that will make an impact, then a marble fireplace might be the right choice for you.

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They offer class, sophistication and a little bit of grandeur and it is easy to see why so many people choose them for their homes.

Cast Fireplaces offer both white and grey marble fireplaces and have designs that will suit any home. Whether you are looking for something modern or contemporary, Georgian, or Victorian, Cast Fireplaces will have a fireplace perfect for your home.

The best type of fireplace for a classic look has to be the traditional white marble fireplace whereas a grey marble fireplace gives a more contemporary feel to any room, however both options are timeless and are of the highest quality. A white marble fireplace surround is an elegant addition to a room whereas a grey surround gives the look of a more modern marble fireplace. These marble fire surrounds complement a range of interior designs and décor trends.

Our huge range is made from 100% natural stone and all are incredibly unique however we also offer micro-marble. Micro-marble is made using marble powder and it is a cheaper alternative to the traditional marble. We know that many people want the look but may not have the budget so we are happy to offer this alternative too. The fireplaces we sell offer incredible impact and sophisticated style and they make an excellent choice for any home.

Here at Cast Fireplaces, we are happy to offer a selection of marble fireplaces for our customers to choose from. Our team has plenty of experience and knowledge about fireplaces and can help any customer find the perfect fireplace for their home. They will guide you through the whole process, offering honest and impartial advice before helping you to choose the right one.

Marble Fireplaces Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a marble fireplace?

Not only does a marble fireplace prove to be a stunning decorative feature for a home but they are also easy to maintain. Marble is a high quality material and is extremely strong and durable. This means it is resistant to most damage and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Marble fireplaces are certainly the front runner when it comes to maintenance and longevity.

Each fireplace we offer is unique and has individual markings and they are made from 100% natural stone. The marble we offer is flawless solid marble and we can cater to any budget. If you want an elegant focal point in your home, then marble fire surrounds are a great choice.
Thanks to the selection of solid marble and micro-marble options, our customers truly will be spoilt for choice.

Are marble fireplaces modern?

Marble fireplaces can be traditional or contemporary. They are absolutely beautiful and are suitable for all different types of décor. Your home may hark back to the Georgian or Victorian times or it might be extremely modern – either way, a marble fireplace would look perfect.

Some people wonder how to modernise a marble fireplace but the truth is they suit any home décor.

How to clean a marble fireplace.

It is important to know how to clean marble fireplace if you are choosing to have one In your home. The good thing about marble fireplaces is that they are strong and durable. They don’t require much cleaning at all. A simple wipe down with some hot water and washing up liquid three or four times a year should do the job with other cleans only happening if something is spilled on the fireplace.

If you want to know how to clean marks off marble fireplace, you should follow the same steps – however if the stain is stubborn, try using a speciality marble cleaning product to get the mark off so as not to damage your fireplace. Blot the fireplace and do this until the marble glistens but isn’t wet to the touch. Then let the stones dry for 24 hours or more before using it again.

Despite being quite durable, marble can be prone to damage – etches and scratches are easily spotted – so be sure to be extremely careful when cleaning your fireplace.

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