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Heritage and Kingston Limestone


Mantel *


The highlighted Heritage fascia, with its wide decorative arched band, provides the perfect frame for your fire. In this fireplace package, it teams with the Kingston Limestone surround, with its curved corbels and chunky column legs to create a fireplace package that’s traditional in style but efficient in terms of output when paired with our electric fuel option.

Picture shows Heritage Highlighted Fascia with the Kingston Limestone Mantel shown with the High Effieciency Gallery Fire Curved Fret

Each package comes complete with the following options

Heritage Highlighted Fascia
54″ Granite Hearth
Kingston¬†56″ Mantel
Limestone Sealer

Gas and Electric Fire Options

These Fireplaces are supplied on their own (with no Fire Option) but we do offer the Gallery range of Fires from Electric to Convector Gas use which are perfect in design and designed to be used with these Suites

If you require a Gas or Electirc fire for this fireplace suite have a look in our Fires and Fret Sectionwhere you can choose one to fit


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