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Modern Fireplaces

We know that sometimes our customers are looking for a more modern fireplace and we are happy to offer such styles at Cast Fireplaces. Simplicity is the key and we offer facias with little or no detailing for homes who want a fireplace where a traditional fire would look out of place.

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Many of our customers are looking for a focal point in a room but need the style and heat that a contemporary fire surround offers over a traditional one.

Many homes have a contemporary décor and are looking for specific materials for their fireplace – these include limestone, marble, and micro marble. All are extremely popular choices and tend to be less ornate than other choices such as cast iron fireplaces. There is no need to comprise on the heat and glow that a fireplace can bring when we have such great options such as a modern marble fireplace.

White fireplaces are increasing in popularity, thanks to looking stylish and elegant. Neutral palettes tend to be favoured when it comes to modern and contemporary fireplaces and these white fireplaces are the perfect choice for this.  They have clean, sleek lines, and prove to be a great focal point in any room of the home, especially the living room. We also offer a varied range of arch styles and mantels in different sizes as well as panels and a hearth.

When it comes to using your fireplace, we are happy to supply a full range of modern fireplaces which cater to any fuel type – we know that different people will want to use different energy sources, depending on their home. The great thing is that modern fireplaces can  be more energy efficient than a traditional alternative.

Cast Fireplaces are a customer focused brand who have plenty of knowledge and experience in the field. We are a family run business and strive to offer honest and impartial advice to ensure that our customers choose the perfect design for their home.

Modern Fireplaces Frequently Asked Questions

What to hang over a modern fireplace.

With many modern fireplaces being a design feature in any home, there are many ways that a person may want to style it. There are so many options for what you can hang above your fireplace to ensure it looks incredible.

Family photos are perfect if you are wanting to give the room a more homely feel whilst remaining contemporary in design. These can be easily hung above a fireplace in a variety of ways and can make any room feel more inviting.

A mirror is a great choice as it not only looks glamorous but gives the impression there is more open space than there is. There are many different sizes of mirror so it is important to get one that fits in with the style of your fireplace whilst still looking great – a smaller frame is perfect for someone going for a minimal look whilst something a little bigger would be better for other décor.
Other items you can hang over a modern fireplace include art – whether that is a piece you have painted yourself or something you have bought. Choosing colours that match the décor is so important though!

If the neutral palette of your room has cool colours such as muted blues and whites, then a coastal fireplace décor might be the right choice for you – a piece of driftwood can be easily hung and looks great above a mantelpiece. You could even hang other coastal items alongside it.

What types of fireplaces are modern.

When looking for modern fireplace ideas, there are many things to be considered. Simple styles and sleek designs look great and fit in with all modern décor and neutral shades tend to work the best. A modern gas fireplace will be muted in terms of colours and ornate detail but still provides a fantastic focal point in any room. Large modern fireplaces will suit living rooms, a smaller option would be better for other rooms.

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