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Fireplace & Stove Help

Stuck with your Fireplace or Stove? Let us help you with our guides & instructions.

Tempering your Fireplace or Stove

When you first take delivery of your new fireplace or stove there is a little leaflet with the cast iron fireplaces this tells you about Care and Maintenance of your fireplace. It is normally in the bag that the fireplace comes with, basically it tells you how to keep item clean etc. and what not to

Fireplace Tile fitting how is it done ?

How do we fit the tubeline fireplace tiles are always a question we get asked and whether the two metal strips are needed that comes with the Fireplace? STOP don’t throw them away they are the tile straps that along with the long thinner bolts and wing nuts they are needed to hold the tiles

How do i fit my Fireplace Tiles

A common question we get asked from fitters and customers is how to fit the Fireplace Tiles in our casts, it’s very simple to do so don’t throw away the 2 metal straps that come attached to the fireplaces there not excess packaging or spares as we have had people do and there is two of them

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