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Removing stains from a slate fireplace hearth

We have had a customer contact us today with this enquiry I’ve finally got my living room finished and the fireplace has been fitted and I’m just awaiting someone to come round and switch on the gas. But, unfortunately the cat has been sick on the slate hearth and a couple of drops of water

How to store wood and season it for burning

We can’t chop down a tree every time we need some wood for our fireplace and nor would that work anyway. Trees are predominantly water and that is not the best ingredient when building a fire, so we have to store wood in order that it can dry out. In general, hardwoods are best. Oak,

Strange smell coming from my new stove

On our website we sell the Gallery Fireplaces range of stoves and also the Carron range which are very popular so I am surprised I have not covered this topic before it has been prompted this morning by a customer’s phonecall. During the tempering process which we wrote an article on last week the stove

All solid fuel fireplaces and stoves need tempering

Good Evening When you have had a new cast iron fireplace or stove installed it is essential you temper it and follow the this guideline. Now your new solid fuel appliance is installed it is very tempting to ignore this advice and get burning a large fire straight away. As I type this blog it’s

What is a Cast Iron Fire Brick for my Fireplace

Replacement of firebrick in the back of many of our fireplaces is a simple job we often get asked the question whether that plate should move up and down. This little plate is where the majority of the heat is concentrated when burning solid fuel (real fire) so on some of our fireplaces it is

What Type Of Chimney Do I Have

Identifying what type of Fireplace chimney you have is not as daunting as it sounds the first thing to do for a good clue is to have a look at your roof and to see if you have a chimney stack you may then see one of the following views to confirm which type of

What is a solid fuel kit for a fireplace

What is a solid fuel kit and why do I need it is a question we sometimes get asked at Castfireplaces and today I have been asked that so I have decided to explain fully what one is. When you buy an individual fireplace from our Fireplaces website you will be offered the choice of

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