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Wood Burning Fireplaces

A fireplace to burn wood is again a feature that is desired in many homes in the UK as we return in droves to burning wood and other fuels. A Wood Burning fireplace is very nostalgic and is a fantastic source of secondary heating.

Some fireplaces are better than others for burning wood as the area for the fuel bed tends to be larger to accommodate a good size log, watching a wood fire is hypnotic the orange and yellow heart warming glow with the sound of crackling wood and the slight smell of sulphur you can just sit there staring at it.

Wood needs to be dry before burning with a moisture content of less than 20% to ensure it burns well and a good heat is produced, hardwood burns better and lasts longer with Oak and Beech both being excellent for an open fire
Here we have a selection of fireplaces that are suitable for burning wood with large backs or fireplaces that have options of having a deeper back as an extra. Enjoy browsing our range and if you require a full woodburning fireplace package please contact us.

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