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Stove Fan 2 Blade


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The 2 Blade Eco Fan from UK stove fans this is there Original fan and still as popular as ever. Offered as a budget fan with a price tag of around £45 its a very good buy and we have tested them on our showrrom models and can honestly say they work well.
These fans do not use any batteries or mains electricity they are powered from the heat of your stove.

Simply light your stove and when its up to temperature the fan simply starts spinning circulating the warm air, the hotter its burning the quicker the fan will turn they are whsiper quiet and can not be heard running.


Satin Black Finish
1020 RPM Max
Operating Range 50C to 345C
Increased fuel efficiency upto 16%
Ready to use from the box no assembly required
1 Year Warranty


Height 230mm Width 203mm


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