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Wood Fireplaces

Wooden fireplaces are a great choice for any home, thanks to their simple designs. They are often found in homes with a more traditional décor, however they are becoming more popular in modern homes too due to their simplicity.

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Wood is a fantastic material that stands the test of time and always looks great and it is little wonder more and more people are opting for a wooden fireplace in their home.

These types of fireplaces easily add a homely feel to any house and are extremely popular due to their style and affordability. With a varied selection of woods including solid oak and solid pine available among our products as well as other solid wood solutions, these fireplaces fit well in both brand new houses and cosy old cottages. Many are quick to dismiss wood fireplaces as an option, instead opting for something a little more ornate. These people tend to think they are quite plain but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Due to wood being a natural material, no two surrounds will ever be the same. Each will have its own unique knots and markings meaning your fireplace will be unique to you. We can supply your new fireplace unfinished if you would like to stain or paint it yourself, meaning it truly will be uniquely yours.

Cast Fireplaces are happy to offer a wide selection of wood fire surrounds. When looking for ideas, it can be tough to know exactly what to choose. Our team are happy to help you find the right wood fire surround for your needs. Some people want their fireplace to be a focal point in a room, others want it to simply be a functional fireplace. A wooden fireplace can be as much or as little as a room feature as you want.

However, don’t underestimate what a wooden fireplace can do for your home – it can really bring something new to your décor. Our solid oak fireplaces bring an elegant and mature finish whereas our pine fireplaces are lighter in colour and can be stained or painted to suit your taste.

We produce pine fireplaces on site which are constructed to very precise and high standards. We know that choosing a fireplace is a big job and it needs to be perfect which is why you can be confident that you will find the perfect match with us and have a beautiful and unique fireplace to show off. We recognise that wood fireplaces are increasing in popularity and we will only use the very best materials in order to produce our many wood fireplace surrounds.

Our team are extremely knowledgeable and have plenty of experience in the industry and will offer their best advice to ensure you get the fireplace that is perfect for you. We are a family run business and our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We want to ensure you go away happy with the right fireplace for your home.

Wood Fireplaces Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of homes suit a wood fireplace.

It is easy to think that not all homes will suit a wood fireplace however this would be wrong. They are a traditional choice for a fireplace and are popular because they suit any home, thanks to their simplicity. Wood fireplaces have their place in any home, it is worth doing your research to find wood fireplace ideas that suit your décor best.

With wood usually being the least costly option, this type of fireplace is great for those on a budget and it can easily be painted or stained to fit in with your décor if it doesn’t already. There are many different types of wood that can be used for fireplaces including solid oak and solid pine meaning there will always be something that suits your home.

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