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Wood Fireplaces

Wood fireplaces continue to be hugely popular due to how versatile they are and how they can slot into most homes with ease. They offer a traditional feel but with modern and stylish lines they also work well in brand new spaces as well as cosy cottages.

Our wide range of wooden fireplaces includes all designs and finishes including oak, pine and other solid wood solutions.

We produce pine fireplaces on site and they are constructed to our very precise and high standard ensuring excellent quality from start to finish. Our solid wood fireplace range is designed to appeal to many people but you can be confident that choosing us for your oak fireplace will mean a perfect match as well as looking totally unique in your home surroundings.

Why Wood Fireplaces?

Many people might underestimate just exactly what a wooden fireplace could do for your home. They may dismiss a wood fireplace as old-fashioned or plain. However, the opposite tends to be the case as a wooden fireplace can be flexible in the home and can be as much or as little as a room feature as you want.

Solid oak fireplaces can bring about an elegant and mature finish whereas pine fireplaces are lighter in colour finished in an Antique Brown Wax as standard they could also be stained or painted to suit a particular décor but after order you would need to specify an unwaxed ITW mantel. Wood fireplaces can be huge in stature and extremely imposing or they could be much smaller and elegant. Essentially wooden fireplaces can offer pretty much anything that you desire. Cast Fireplaces recognise and understand current fireplace trend and we therefore only use the very best materials in order to produce high quality fireplace surrounds.

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