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What is the Most Eco-friendly Fireplace?

Being environmentally aware is something that can now have an influence on our buying choices. Saving energy and keeping our eco-footprint in check is something that many people now consider when making any purchase. This is particularly true when it comes to buying large appliances for our home or indeed when choosing how we heat

A Guide to Chimney and Flue Types

When it comes to choosing a new fire for your home it may not be as straightforward as installing the one you like. Ahead of picking the style, it is important that you first determine the type of fireplace that will be suitable for your property. Essentially this comes down to the type of chimney

Things to Consider When Buying a Marble Fireplace

Marble has been around for a long time and has been used to create decorative objects, statues and furniture over thousands of years. It is a material that stands the test of time due to being a solid stone and carves into even the most intricate designs, it is quite simply stunning to look at.

The Pros and Cons of Flueless Gas Fires

A flueless gas fire could be a solution for people looking to add this kind of feature to their home. With lots of misinformation out there on the benefits and problems to do with flueless gas fires we’ve decided to put together a list of pros and cons and some other information to help you

Wood Fireplace Ideas

Having a wooden fireplace can give an elegant finish to any room in the house. Regardless of the style of décor a wooden fireplace can complement any roomset making it a very versatile choice when choosing a wood fireplace for the home. A wooden finish can often be the timeless effect that really highlights all

A Guide To Stoves In Conservatories

Conservatories can be bright and cosy additions to any home. They are an excellent way to add more space to a home and make the most of the sunshine when it appears. However, when it is dark, cloudy or during winter months, conservatories can feel cold and uncomfortable, meaning this lovely space in a home

Electric Fire Ideas

Electric fires are quickly becoming a popular choice for homes. While people have traditionally chosen gas fireplaces instead of electric fires, electric fireplaces have seen a resurgence thanks to the number of stylish designs available. As well as there being a great deal of choice available, making choosing an electric fire for your home difficult,

A Buyer’s Guide To Electric Fires

Providing instant heat at the flick of a switch is reason enough to choose an electric fire for your home. As well as easy, instant heat, there are plenty of other benefits which are making electric fires an increasingly popular choice for a wide variety of homes. Electric fires are incredibly versatile, offer a range

Wood Burning Stove Ideas


Warming, cosy and potentially cost reducing, wood burning stoves quickly win over hearts. In fact, a wood burning stove can be an incredible selling point for homes on the market.  In the UK, wood burning stoves have rapidly increased in popularity. More and more households are realising the benefit of wood burning stones. While cast

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