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New website arriving in February

At Cast Fireplaces, we’re always trying to make things better for you, the customer, and the next stage is to introduce a brand new, fresh looking website in February.
From next month, there’ll be a greater emphasis on pictures

Made-to-measure timber mantels

Not all fireplaces are the same so you shouldn’t just opt for the best-fit timber mantel and hope for the best – at Cast Fireplaces, we’re able to make one to fit the exact dimensions required.

As manufacturers, we have the flexibility to give you what you need

Black leading a fireplace

When you hear the phrase ‘black leading a fireplace’, it may sound as though it’ll take a lot of time and effort, but it’s really simple to do these days.
It’s got nothing to do with lead either – that’s just an anachronism from olden times

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Check your stove’s CE marking

Since July 2013, all stoves sold in the UK must have a CE – or European Conformity – marking, which indicates that they have passed the minimum safety requirements of the European authorities.
This means that they’ve been checked to ensure that they won’t crack under intense heat

Don’t DIY fit your own fireplace

If you’re looking to save money on your new fireplace, one area you certainly can’t cut corners is with its installation, as it needs to be done by an approved professional

That means if you’re getting a gas unit fitted, you have to get a Gas Safe registered engineer in – Gas Safe replaced Corgi

New fireplace for harsh winter

Man has always relied on fire for warmth during the colder months and there’s something primal in us all that makes having a real fire so captivating.

We’ve had some harsh winters over the years and while you may be able to keep warm through central heating, it’s very much a passive heat

Replacing cracked glass in a stove

Although stove glass is able to withstand temperatures in the hundreds of degrees centigrade, it may sometimes crack, but it’s easy enough for you to replace yourself.

If possible, remove the door from the stove, and whether that’s possible or not, make sure you give the door a good clean before you start so that you don’t get filthy

Sealing a limestone fireplace

Limestone fireplaces look great in any room, but you need to make sure you look after yours so that it doesn’t become darkened as a result of soot or smoke.

That can happen as limestone’s a porous material, meaning that the dirt can get into your mantelpiece and make it look less appealing

Fire safety this Christmas

Christmas is a time when we all want to feel cosy with our family and introducing flickering flames into your living environment can certainly add to the atmosphere… but they can also be dangerous too.

Candles are particularly popular at Christmas, but you must make sure that you don’t leave them unattended in the home