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Do you need a room vent for gas fireplaces

So this is a tricky question we were asked today by a customer as to whether the gas fireplace she is looking at ordering requires a room vent for the installation.
They’re looking at the Jubille arched insert which I’m pleased to say does not require a room vent; the reason for this is the gas tray supplied is under 7kw input.
Now basically most of our arched and tiled fireplaces do not require additional room vents for them to work correctly and more importantly to be safe to use.
The requirement is that the gas fire supplied should be under 7KW INPUT and anything over that will require additional ventilation, if choosing an ordinary arched or tiled fireplace most of them ok but we do have models such as the FITZWILLIAM AND TRADITION which have large gas fires that will require additional room ventilation to ensure safe usage.
It does state on the boxes and in the instructions he requirement for a room vent so if you are unsure before buying a fireplace or stove please contact us and we can advise you correctly.
So the customer has now ordered a Jubilee and Brompton Limestone package for gas use and is very happy it does not require a room vent

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